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Whole-School Solution for All Students 

Across the US, our ActiveMind Partnership helps all students with executive functioning and self-regulation. Sensory tools and resources are implemented in the classrooms and throughout the school building for carryover benefits. We provide guidance and training to maximize results and track the academic, social and financial benefits.


Interactive Training and Professional Development

We teach the fundamentals of sensory integration and effective strategies to create an inclusive learning environment. Our training options address the needs of educators, administrators and therapists. Within a few hours, your team gains insight and a road map for integrating sensory-based solutions in the curriculum, empowering students and teachers to succeed.


Our Sensory Coach Video Series offers practical solutions and insights from experts for planning your sensory space. You'll also learn proven strategies for dealing with challenging behaviors in children with Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, and more.

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Progress Assessment

Our tracking tools enable students and teachers to measure the impact of each intervention. Even young or non-verbal students learn to identify which sensory activities help to calm down and focus. Teachers target reductions in challenging behaviors, and track each student’s progress. 


Cost Effective and Flexible

Our team customizes each solution to fit your vision, space and budget.  Whether you need active classroom seating, vestibular movement to ease transitions, or sensory rooms for your entire district, we provide detailed design options and behavior tracking tools at no additional cost.

Sensory Spaces + Free Design

Our sensory rooms are out-of-classroom interventions to boost learning and concentration for all students. We also design classroom corners and sensory hallways for facilities with limited space. Explore sensory rooms>


Action Rooms

Purposeful movement gives students the opportunity to jump, climb and swing – and return to the classroom with renewed focus, ready to learn.


ChillSpa Rooms

Interactive and multi-sensory equipment soothe children who act out in aggression, anxiety or frustration. Academic instruction can take place inside the ChillSpa, a safe space to learn.


No-Room Solutions

Limited space? Pre-empt disruptive behavior with a sensory corner in your classroom or a sensory hallway for smooth transitions. Break Boxes provide self-regulation activities for every setting.

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