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Dr. Abba Kriger

Dr. Abba Krieger

Dr. Abba Krieger is the Robert Steinberg Professor of Statistics at the Wharton School, with secondary appointments in the Marketing Department and the Operations and Information Management Department. He is a Director of Vascular Magnetics, Inc.. Since 2008, he has been the principal investigator for the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI).  With this grant, he and his colleagues use the data collected by prominent medical centers  to  engage  statistical issues in phenotype and genotype measurements in simplex families with an autistic child.  Dr. Krieger has over 40 years of experience in statistical methodology, market research, mathematical modeling and data analysis.  He has consulted extensively for many of the Fortune 500 companies.  Dr. Krieger received Bachelor degrees in Pure Mathematics and Management Science from MIT; a Masters degree from the Sloan School of Management.; and an MS and Ph.D in Statistics from Harvard University.

Lindsey Biel

Lindsey Biel

Lindsey Biel is a pediatric occupational therapist who specializes in evaluating and treating children and young adults with sensory processing issues, autism spectrum disorders, and other developmental challenges. She is the coauthor of the award-winning book Raising a Sensory Smart Child: The Definitive Handbook for Helping Your Child with Sensory Processing Issues, with a foreword by Temple Grandin. Her most recent book, Sensory Processing Challenges: Effective Clinical Work with Kids and Teens, supports therapists, psychologists, doctors, and others working with children and adolescents. In addition, she is the co-creator of the Sensory Processing Master Class DVD program, and a columnist for Autism File magazine. In addition to her private practice in New York City, Lindsey Biel provides workshops nationwide to teachers, therapists, and parents on practical solutions for special needs at home, school, and in the community.

Robert T. Schultz

Robert T. Schultz, Ph.D.

Robert T. Schultz, Ph.D. is the Director of the Center for Autism Research at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), and the RAC endowed Professor of Psychology in the Departments of Pediatrics and Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania. He is the past President of the International Society for Autism Research, and is active nationally and internationally with the autism community, serving on a variety of scientific advisory boards. His research interests include the relationships between genes, brain, behavior and treatment in autism. He is the PI of multiple grant funded studies, including work aimed at understanding the causes of autism, and in predicting risk for autism, as well as treatment responses.

Kathy Klein

Kathy Klein

Kathy Klein is the Director of Professional Development at the American Occupational Therapy Association, and serves as an adjunct faculty member at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.  Board certified in Pediatrics, Kathy Klein is experienced in early intervention and school-based practice.  Her innovative programs have helped children on the spectrum develop social skills in a supportive community setting. With a passion for mentoring, Kathy Klein teaches students in occupational therapy and creates opportunities for continuing education for seasoned practitioners.  She is widely regarded as an expert in integrating technology with learning experiences, and lectures and publishes on the subject. She earned her BS and MS in Occupational Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia and is pursuing her doctorate degree at the University of Kansas Medical Center.