Learn Effective Strategies for Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD or Autism

8-Part Series for Educators and Families from Your Sensory Coach

How can you help each child achieve their full potential? Meet your Sensory Coach, Rivkie Berger OTR/L. She shares proven strategies to address hyperactivity, anxiety, inattention and other challenges. Ms. Berger is an expert therapist, experienced in school and family settings. Visit each week to access new videos, free to you during these challenging times. Share your feedback or ask a question here.

Sensory Solutions at School: Our Eight Amazing Senses

Our Senses at Work and Play

Sensory Processing Challenges

Self Regulation and Sensory Processing

Classroom Sensory Activities & Tools To Promote Sensory Success

Flexible Seating Classrooms and Sensory Tools To Promote Learning

Sensory Rooms - How to Create a Total Sensory Immersion Experience

Safety Guidelines For Sensory Rooms